Our Beliefs

Articles Of Faith

  1. Of the Scriptures ... We believe in the absolute authority of the Holy Scriptures, meaning that collection of sixty-six books from Genesis through Revelation. We believe that the originals were inspired of God and that the "Masoretic" Text of the Old Testament, the "Received" Text of the New Testament and the King James Bible (A.V. 1611) are the verbal, inerrant and preserved Word of God. 
  2. Of the True God ... There is only One eternal and true God, revealed to us in three Personalities and Beings; the Father, Son (Word) and Holy Ghost (Spirit). 
  3. Of God the Son ... The Lord Jesus Christ was the only begotten Son of God, virgin born, sinless, the only Saviour, and is truly God and truly man. 
  4. Of Mankind ... We believe that man was created in innocence, in the image of God, but by voluntary and willing transgression became guilty as sinners and fell from this first state and now individually needs redemption. 
  5. Of Heaven ... We believe in a literal heaven where the throne of God is. It is the final destination and home for believers in Christ and a place of eternal joy. 
  6. Of Hell ... We believe in a literal hell which will be a place of conscious and eternal punishment for those who were not forgiven for their sins against the holiness, forgiveness and love of God. 
  7. Of the Way of Salvation ... We believe that the salvation of sinners is wholly of grace through faith, by the merits of the shed blood of the Son of God, and not through any good works, self-reformation or outwardly religious acts. When a sinner, in repentance and faith, receives Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour, he is then "born again" and given the gift of eternal life. 
  8. Of Evangelism ... We believe that a main ministry of our church is to evangelize the world with the Christian gospel. We fulfill that commission by supporting missionaries world-wide as well as witnessing in our local communities. 
  9. Of Prophecy and Eschatology ... We are both pre-millennial and pre-tribulation concerning the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Christ will "rapture" the saints at the beginning of the tribulation, and will return to this earth at the end of the seven year tribulation period to set up His millennial Kingdom.

For a complete set of our Articles of Faith, and Bible references, please contact our church through regular mail, or call our church at  (216) 531-1273, or e-mail us at bbteuclid@yahoo.com